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Bottle filler

The COMBI RE is a single-chamber overpressure filler and is particularly suitable for filling CO²-containing and still beverages. It can be used for cold, warm, or hot filling and for glass or plastic bottles. Valves are also available for filling beverages containing pulp.

In conjunction with pre-evacuation as COMBI REV, the filling machine is used for filling oxygen-sensitive products, such as beer.
Pre-evacuation of the bottles in a vacuum process with subsequent injection of inert gas (CO² or nitrogen).
Internal filling valves guarantee trouble-free cleaning of all parts in contact with the product.

Can filler

Can fillers of the HW series are suitable for filling CO²-containing beverages such as lemonade, cola drinks, and mineral water at filling temperatures up to 20 °C. In addition, the HW fillers can be used for hot filling of still fruit juices up to 85 °C as well as for filling wine and other CO²-free beverages. Valves are also available for filling beverages containing pulp. In addition, HW fillers can be used to process beer up to a filling temperature of 16 °C. The standard equipment allows the line to be used for three- and two-piece cans made of steel, aluminum and PET with diameters from 52 to 66 mm and heights from 80 to 172 mm.

The can filling valve of the HW series has been designed to operate at filling pressures of 0.6 MPa (6 bar). These filling pressures are required for beverages with CO2 contents of 8g/l and temperatures around 20 °C.

The purely mechanical valves of the HW series feature a robust design and are easy to handle. No special tools are required for disassembly, making it easy to eliminate malfunctions.


The Mixomat S is a mixer for the fully automatic production of lemonades, cola and fruit juice drinks, soft drinks of all kinds with and without CO², as well as for the carbonation of mineral water, cider, wine and apple juice.

The plants operate with hourly capacities of 2000 – 55000 liters of beverage.
The Mixomat S works on the principle of ready-to-drink carbonation.

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