Spare parts service

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Spare parts service

As a partner of the beverage industry, MGS offers an extensive range of spare parts and service for your filling machines and mixers. We offer high quality parts “Made in Germany” and service at a good price-performance ratio.

Our Services:

  • Spare parts surveys on site
  • Preparation of complete offers for parts and service
  • Delivery of complete spare parts packages for your machines
  • Many parts can be serviced directly through our warehouses
  • Customized stocking of spare parts
  • Pre-assembled assemblies to minimize machine downtime
  • Assembly and installation by our technicians
  • Unbureaucratic and flexible assembly coordination
  • Worldwide shipping and service

Bottle filler

For the machine types „Noll RE, Monobloc RE, COMBI RE & REV, COMBI RE-H1 & REV-H1“ we can supply you with all the spare parts you need, complete sealing and repair kits, as well as new media and gas manifolds.

Format parts and bottle guides made of plastic or stainless steel are also no problem. All spare and conversion parts supplied by us are of course in OEM quality.

Can filler

Identical parts, spare parts and wear parts for the can fillers types D, F, H and HW. Can guides made of stainless steel or plastic. Complete racks made of stainless steel. Media distributors (gas distributors) also with integrated electric rotary distributor, electronic level probes for your ring bowl, machine or valve conversions to other can formats. Support for recurring pressure vessel inspections.


We supply all the spare and rebuild parts you need for your mixers and carbonators.
Complete sealing and repair kits also for single valves or jet apparatus.
Conversions to the latest pump technology.
Support for recurring pressure vessel inspections.

Format parts and bottle guides

With the introduction of new cylinder types, new format parts and cylinder guides are often required. We offer you bottle guides in various material designs. Replaceable wear strips guarantee a high guiding accuracy even after years. Our bottle guides are characterized by durability, hygienic construction and a functional design.

In-house overhauls

In-house overhauls are often a more cost-effective option than on-site overhauls. We can also overhaul individual elements and components such as gas distributors, centrifugal pumps or gearboxes for you in our factory. If possible, send us the respective components, we will prepare a cost estimate, overhaul the components and test them. Maybe a later upgrade of your filler is planned? We can also prepare your gas distributor for a later upgrade with an electric rotary distributor. We will then return the refurbished components.

Spare parts and standard parts for the beverage industry

Are you looking for spare parts for your process valves? We not only supply you with the required sealing and repair kits, but can also offer you on-site service by our experienced technicians. Please contact us.

Upgrading to the latest valve technology is also no problem.
Of course, we also supply the corresponding documentation with every valve we deliver.

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